What Is Cybersecurity Risk?

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Cybersecurity risk definition: Any threat to your personal or business information, critical systems/devices and business processes.

Why Me?

Business management, employees and individuals have a
responsibility to identify vulnerabilities and threats and respond in a timely fashion to these by improving processes, augmenting controls and requiring testing to ensure that the business is properly identifying and responding to these threats. Individuals also have a responsibility to properly identify and respond to these threats to maintain what they have. Now no other organization or person will replace funds you lose to a cybercrime. if the loss was due to your ignorance of a threat.

Why do I care? Failure to identify, assess, control and monitor these threats sets both businesses and individuals up to be serious cybercrime victims and financial/personal losses now and down the road. You can get cybercrime insurance, but it is extremely specific and costly. Current liability and errors/omissions insurance DOES NOT cover cyber.

What is the main issue? The challenge for most businesses and individuals is to determine what threats pertain to them and to identify a repeatable process to identify, assess, control and monitor these threats without interrupting their business or personal activities.

Interesting thought – some mobile devices are just now coming into widespread use – wireless medical devices both worn and implanted. These CAN be hacked.

Also, we are seeing attacks on mobile devices that enable conversations to be listened to and recorded even if the mobile device is not “on”.

Laptops and PCs can be hacked and the webcam and microphone turned on remotely.

Over half of consumers using smart mobile devices employ location-based applications despite concerns about safety and 3rd party use of their personal information. Almost half state that they don’t read agreements when downloading apps. Note that smart phone photos are imprinted with the current GPS coordinates unless that feature is turned off.

Google's Android is the most heavily targeted mobile operating system by malware since it is an open platform where malicious apps can make easy way to users' devices.

In Q2 2012 5,033 pieces of malicious Android software were received by one security company, which represented a massive 64% increase of Android malware over Q1 2012. This figure placed Android at the top of the list of the highest targeted mobile platforms at present. Most of these are coming from third-party Android markets. Out of the 5033, this company identified 19 new families and 21 new variants of existing families.

To protect your phone, use common sense. If you're downloading applications, look at the info you have available —user ratings, the developer, the number of downloads. If there's an app with few user comments and few total downloads, and it's released by a developer you never heard of, steer clear. If you see a free game or entertainment app that collects phone call, location and contact data, you should skip it. For Android, the danger is downloading apps outside of Google's App Market (or other reputable app stores such as Amazon's). If you're off somewhere getting apps from sources you don't know or trust, there could be consequences. For iPhone users, the line really is whether you jailbreak or not. Jailbreaking can be pretty easy, and getting pirated or bootlegged apps can seem like a great way to save money, but in doing so, you're basically handing out the smart phone equivalent of a front door key to someone .

Just realize that are bad things out there.

Cybersecurity Risk Descriptions- Dec 2012

This document provides a consolidation of many of the existing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities that pertain to you, your family, your business, your group and your community.

Download "Cybersecurity Document Dec 2012.pdf"

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