Training Solutions - Learning Series

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We assess your training requirements based on our risk assessments & provide ready-made course or develop more focused & personalized courseware. Already available courses & seminars on RBDM are:
An overview of Risk Based Decision Making - Decide What's Appropriate for Your Business

Risk-Based Decision Making - How to Enhance Your Change of Success

Cybersecurity - The Latest Lessons Learned - What's Current & What's On the Horizon

Social Engineering - How It Works On Your Employees - The Latest Methods

Lessons Discovered But Seldom Learned - How Businesses & Projects Fail

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Quality & Process Improvement Efforts

Systems Engineering Series
1.  What Is Systems Engineering
2. Architecture-Design Fundamentals
3.  Configuration Management Fundamentals
4.  Requirements Management Fundamentals
5.  Risk Management Fundamentals
6.  Systems Thinking

Each of these courses is provided at various dates throughout the year. Contact Hall Associates to determine when one will be in your area or if you would like one provided to your business.

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