Seminar -- Accomplishing Risk-Based Decisions CyberSecurity Risk Environment – 2013

Why Do I Care About Cybersecurity?
What is Cybersecurity Risk?
Why Should Small Businesses Be Concerned?

2012 in Numbers

Cybersecurity Risk – Identity Theft

IRS Overwhelmed by Tax Related Identity Theft

Cybersecurity Risk - Extortion

Cybersecurity Risk – Mobile Devices

Cybersecurity Risk – Social Engineering

Cybersecurity Risk – Fraud/Phishing

Social Engineering – It Works!

Classic Examples of Social Engineering Attacks

Common Scams Used in Social Engineering

The Nigerian E-Mail Scam

Citadel Malware Continues to Deliver Reveton Ransomware in Attempts to Extort Money

Cybersecurity Risk – Data Breach

Cybersecurity Risk – How Can You
Lose Your Data?

Cybersecurity Risk – How Can You
Lose Your Data?

Tips From The Trenches

What Can Technology Do?
And How Effective is It?

Summary and Conclusions

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